Two of Rory’s Rockface episodes are on youtube. He was in Season 2 Episodes 2-7. This is episode 4. You have to do a bit of skipping ahead if you are only in it for the Rory bits. He is also very briefly in episode 7 which you can watch ~ here ~

ETA: We have  to thank for noticing it was on youtube. 

If you can’t post the video of Rory with the Scottish Green Party on Earth Day, when can ye? 

Second Most Shocking Scene

Everybody may be talking about the brother/sister sex, it was a gross snot rocket that had us dry-heaving.

By Alex Zalben

On this week’s “Game of Thrones,” there was one moment so insane, so polarizing that the whole fandom was freaking out the next morning.

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A BIG thanks to Catherine on Face Book for linking me to Rory’s Thronecast interview!! I knew we had to get one out of him sooner or later. 

To those lovely people who have been searching for something to translate for roryinternational, this would be awesome. 

"We were just watering the horses. We’ll be on our way."

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Shots fired.

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Sandor petting Stranger